You know you are an otaku when you have your own waifu . They are adorable . We love them so much and wished they were real .With the advent of more sophisticated technologies , it can be possible to interact with you waifu . 

For that we need to understand 2 things - 
1. Our Waifu need intelligence , at least as much as to interact with a person ( not super intelligence).
2. Our waifu need a form through which they can interact with us . 

Intelligence part -
1 . Artificial intelligence : This is hot technology these days . OpenAi's Bot ( Elon musk's company) defeated world class Dota Player . Google's deepmind (AI ) defeated Go game champion . Go game have more configurations than number of atoms in universe. We have began to create voice and faces using AI [for more , read HERE and HERE]. But we would not want something like " apple's siri " to be our waifu . That's not kawaii enough . But believe me , just in couple of years , AI is going to advance so much that it could interact with humans in the manner that we otakus want ( just like you beloved waifu ).
2. Creating brain : Okay , this is sci-fi and perhaps not going to happen till next 100 - 300 years , but still it is an option . But if we could create brain , we could also create body and our complete waifu ( just too good to be true ) .

Now , our waifu need a form . Here are some way  -
[ " Our animation technology is quite advance , so no need to worry about that ."]

1. Virtual reality 

How about seeing your waifu with a virtual reality ?

2 . Augmented reality :
We have already experience merging of anime with real life via pokemon go , but it was quite dull . But no worry , augmented reality is just getting started . Check out THIS  for more . In short , holograms .

What a waste , we still can't give a touch of love to out waifu !!! . Well , worry not , next option is good .

3 . Silicon robots :
Currently , robot technology is not so advance but it is going to change . i don't want to bore you with details , so i'm writing in points .
a . Stronger and long lasting battery are emerging .
b. Processors keep getting faster and cheaper .
c. Nano technology is about to show it's impact .
Side note : Silicon is a material which is used to make flesh like substance . These are used to make human like dolls for crash testing , also used to make *** dolls ( LOL ). High cost figurine are also made using this silicon.

now , mix AI with any of the three forms , you have your beautiful loyal charming waifu .


Upload your brain on network . This idea is exactly same as depicted in Ghost in shell , Matrix and Sword art online . Our technology have not advanced so much but we are working on it and it is certainly possible .Even Elon musk says we might be living in simulation , so why not create a simulation even better and live in it .  For more on this technology , read HERE .

Thank you

Do you have any other ideas ? Please let me know .

AMV's - Anime Music Videos give a different feel to music . It make the music relatable , specially to anime Fans .There are tons of AMV on youtube . Some are very popular even when they are not SO good , some are not popular even though they are Good . Why is that ?

It's all because of publicity and smart methods of increasing link juice for search engine opimization , in other words , doings things so that google shows them first . Unfortunately , not all people know Search engine Optimization . Here is my tribute for them by posting these beautiful AMVs in my post .

I love Mokey Majik songs . If you have watched Nura : Rise of Yokai Clan , it's opening song is sung by this band . 

AMV - Hakuouki - Mokey Majik Mahou no Kotoba

Sakura - Monkey Majik AMV

If you have any AMV in mind which you think deserve more respect , please give the link in comments :D


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